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KitCo Shallow Casserole 2.2L 26cm

KitCo Shallow Casserole 2.2L 26cm

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After a versatile dish that does it all? You’ve come to the right place.

The Shallow Casserole is perfect for everything. Whether you’re cooking pasta, chicken, smaller curries or veggie bakes, the shallow will always deliver!

It’s also the perfect companion for simpler dishes or snacks. Think: baked, scrambled, and poached eggs.

With its 2.2L capacity, it will cook for 2 adults and 2 children with ease. Be warned: this piece is likely to become an every-night type of affair!

Note: The colourway ‘marshmallow’ appears lighter in photos. In real life, it is slightly darker and accurately described as ‘dusky pink’.

Looking for something slightly bigger? The Shallow Casserole is also available in a 30cm 3L edition.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 135 reviews
Best gift

I purchased this for my daughter & she loves it as much as I love mine

Lilia Sevillano
Great Buy

I'm very happy with my purchase. I was looking for a slightly smaller and shallower cast iron casserole and was fortunate to come across KitCo's website. The traditional branded ones are rather expensive. I think this is of the same quality but so much affordable. I use it A LOT now. And I love how I don't need to use a slowcooker much anymore and instead use this. The meat softens so well for a shorter period of time.

Wayne D
I liked it so much, i bought my daughter one!

I had been looking for one of these for quite some time, but could never find the right size. the smaller one is perfect for 2. I used it most days for everything from cassoulet to curry! i loved it so much i bought my daughter one too!

Angela Jones
good value

Very good product for the price so good value Love the colour Very versatile


Use it everyday. Just as good as the more expensive brand. I am considering buying a bigger type for when i have guests

Carolyn Rogers

I love this pan and it is used everyday. Might have to get the bigger one as well.